Fund Overview

Fund Size

Fund Size

₹152 Cr

Expense Ratio

Expense Ratio





Minimum SIP

Minimum SIP


Exit Load

Exit Load

No Charges

Inception Date

Inception Date

01 Jan 2013

About this fund

JM Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth is a Arbitrage Fund mutual fund schemes offered by JM Financial Mutual Fund. This fund has been in existence for 11 years, 6 months and 11 days, having been launched on 01-Jan-13.
As of 11-Jul-24, it has a Net Asset Value (NAV) of ₹32.54, Assets Under Management (AUM) of 151.93 Crores, and an expense ratio of 0.37%.
  • JM Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth has given a CAGR return of 6.37% since inception.
  • The fund's asset allocation comprises around 0.00% in equities, 4.51% in debts, and 95.47% in cash & cash equivalents.
  • You can start investing in JM Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth with a SIP of ₹100 or a Lumpsum investment of ₹1000.

Performance against Category Average

In this section, we compare the returns of the scheme with the category average over various periods. Periods for which the fund has outperformed its category average are marked in green, otherwise red.

1 Year


+7.32% (Cat Avg.)

3 Years


+5.58% (Cat Avg.)

5 Years


+4.99% (Cat Avg.)

10 Years


+5.83% (Cat Avg.)

Since Inception


(Cat Avg.)

Portfolio Summaryas of 31st May 2024

Debt6.85 Cr4.51%
Others145.07 Cr95.49%

Top Holdings

All Holdings


Debt & Others

NameType sortAmount sortHoldings sort
Cash Offset For DerivativesCash - General Offset103.37 Cr68.04%
Treps-Triparty RepoCash - Repurchase Agreement23.32 Cr15.35%
JM Liquid Dir GrMutual Fund - Open End12.86 Cr8.47%
Net Current AssetsCash-11.5 Cr7.57%
Indus Towers Ltd.Equity - Future-5.74 Cr3.78%
Indus Towers Ltd Ordinary SharesEquity5.74 Cr3.78%
Future on Multi Commodity Exchange of India LtdEquity - Future-5.65 Cr3.72%
Multi Commodity Exchange of India LtdEquity5.65 Cr3.72%
Future on Maruti Suzuki India LtdEquity - Future-5.05 Cr3.33%
Maruti Suzuki India LtdEquity5.05 Cr3.33%
182 DTB 18102024Bond - Gov't/Treasury4.9 Cr3.23%
Future on Biocon LtdEquity - Future-4.65 Cr3.06%
Biocon LtdEquity4.65 Cr3.06%
Future on Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Ordinary SharesEquity - Future-4.42 Cr2.91%
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Ordinary SharesEquity4.42 Cr2.91%
Future on DLF LtdEquity - Future-4.08 Cr2.69%
DLF LtdEquity4.08 Cr2.69%
Future on Titan Co LtdEquity - Future-3.87 Cr2.55%
Titan Co LtdEquity3.87 Cr2.55%
Future on Petronet LNG LtdEquity - Future-3.67 Cr2.41%
Petronet LNG LtdEquity3.67 Cr2.41%
Future on Indian Energy Exchange LtdEquity - Future-3.25 Cr2.14%
Indian Energy Exchange LtdEquity3.25 Cr2.14%
Future on Dixon Technologies (India) LtdEquity - Future-3.11 Cr2.05%
Dixon Technologies (India) LtdEquity3.11 Cr2.05%
Future on ITC LtdEquity - Future-2.99 Cr1.97%
ITC LtdEquity2.99 Cr1.97%
91 DTB 15082024Bond - Gov't/Treasury2.98 Cr1.96%
Future on Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corp LtdEquity - Future-2.86 Cr1.88%
Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corp LtdEquity2.86 Cr1.88%
Future on Vedanta LtdEquity - Future-2.82 Cr1.86%
Vedanta LtdEquity2.82 Cr1.86%
Future on Cipla LtdEquity - Future-2.6 Cr1.71%
Cipla LtdEquity2.6 Cr1.71%
Future on HDFC Life Insurance Company LimitedEquity - Future-2.49 Cr1.64%
HDFC Life Insurance Company LimitedEquity2.49 Cr1.64%
Future on LIC Housing Finance LtdEquity - Future-2.47 Cr1.63%
LIC Housing Finance LtdEquity2.47 Cr1.63%
Future on Balrampur Chini Mills LtdEquity - Future-2.41 Cr1.58%
Balrampur Chini Mills LtdEquity2.41 Cr1.58%
Future on The Federal Bank LtdEquity - Future-2.39 Cr1.58%
The Federal Bank LtdEquity2.39 Cr1.58%
Future on Apollo Hospitals Enterprise LtdEquity - Future-2.32 Cr1.53%
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise LtdEquity2.32 Cr1.53%
Future on REC LtdEquity - Future-2.31 Cr1.52%
REC LtdEquity2.31 Cr1.52%
Future on Divi's Laboratories LtdEquity - Future-2.21 Cr1.45%
Divi's Laboratories LtdEquity2.21 Cr1.45%
182 DTB 29082024Bond - Gov't/Treasury2.08 Cr1.37%
182 DTB 04072024Bond - Gov't/Treasury2.05 Cr1.35%
India (Republic of)Bond - Short-term Government Bills2 Cr1.31%
182 DTB 18072024Bond - Gov't/Treasury1.99 Cr1.31%
182 DTB 22082024Bond - Gov't/Treasury1.98 Cr1.30%
India (Republic of)Bond - Short-term Government Bills1.98 Cr1.30%
India (Republic of)Bond - Short-term Government Bills1.97 Cr1.30%
India (Republic of)Bond - Short-term Government Bills1.95 Cr1.29%
Future on GMR Airports Infrastructure LtdEquity - Future-1.85 Cr1.22%
GMR Airports Infrastructure LtdEquity1.85 Cr1.22%
Future on Tata Power Co LtdEquity - Future-1.72 Cr1.14%
Tata Power Co LtdEquity1.72 Cr1.14%
Future on Hindustan Copper LtdEquity - Future-1.69 Cr1.11%
Hindustan Copper LtdEquity1.69 Cr1.11%
Future on Glenmark Pharmaceuticals LtdEquity - Future-1.61 Cr1.06%
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals LtdEquity1.61 Cr1.06%
Future on Bank of BarodaEquity - Future-1.45 Cr0.95%
Bank of BarodaEquity1.45 Cr0.95%
Future on Bharat Electronics LtdEquity - Future-1.39 Cr0.92%
Bharat Electronics LtdEquity1.39 Cr0.92%
Future on Coal India LtdEquity - Future-1.39 Cr0.92%
Coal India LtdEquity1.39 Cr0.92%
Future on Larsen & Toubro LtdEquity - Future-1.33 Cr0.88%
Larsen & Toubro LtdEquity1.33 Cr0.88%
Future on HDFC Bank LtdEquity - Future-1.3 Cr0.85%
HDFC Bank LtdEquity1.3 Cr0.85%
Future on HDFC Asset Management Co LtdEquity - Future-1.2 Cr0.79%
HDFC Asset Management Co LtdEquity1.2 Cr0.79%
Future on Steel Authority Of India LtdEquity - Future-1.19 Cr0.78%
Steel Authority Of India LtdEquity1.19 Cr0.78%
Future on Bharti Airtel LtdEquity - Future-1.1 Cr0.72%
Bharti Airtel LtdEquity1.1 Cr0.72%
Future on Laurus Labs LtdEquity - Future-1.08 Cr0.71%
Laurus Labs LtdEquity1.08 Cr0.71%
Future on Aarti Industries LtdEquity - Future-1.03 Cr0.68%
Aarti Industries LtdEquity1.03 Cr0.68%
Future on Info Edge (India) LtdEquity - Future-1.02 Cr0.67%
Info Edge (India) LtdEquity1.02 Cr0.67%
Future on Tata Motors LtdEquity - Future-0.98 Cr0.64%
Tata Motors LtdEquity0.98 Cr0.64%
Future on TVS Motor Co LtdEquity - Future-0.91 Cr0.60%
TVS Motor Co LtdEquity0.91 Cr0.60%
Future on Polycab India LtdEquity - Future-0.84 Cr0.55%
Polycab India LtdEquity0.84 Cr0.55%
Future on IDFC First Bank LtdEquity - Future-0.8 Cr0.53%
IDFC First Bank LtdEquity0.8 Cr0.53%
Future on Hindustan Unilever LtdEquity - Future-0.74 Cr0.49%
Hindustan Unilever LtdEquity0.74 Cr0.49%
Future on Oberoi Realty LtdEquity - Future-0.74 Cr0.49%
Oberoi Realty LtdEquity0.74 Cr0.49%
Future on Trent LtdEquity - Future-0.66 Cr0.43%
Trent LtdEquity0.66 Cr0.43%
Future on Zydus Lifesciences LtdEquity - Future-0.58 Cr0.38%
Zydus Lifesciences LtdEquity0.58 Cr0.38%
Future on Indian Oil Corp LtdEquity - Future-0.57 Cr0.37%
Indian Oil Corp LtdEquity0.57 Cr0.37%
Future on Sun TV Network Ltd.Equity - Future-0.56 Cr0.37%
Sun TV Network LtdEquity0.56 Cr0.37%
Future on Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals LtdEquity - Future-0.51 Cr0.34%
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals LtdEquity0.51 Cr0.34%
Future on Canara BankEquity - Future-0.48 Cr0.32%
Canara BankEquity0.48 Cr0.32%
Future on Ashok Leyland LtdEquity - Future-0.48 Cr0.32%
Ashok Leyland LtdEquity0.48 Cr0.32%
Future on Bajaj Finance LtdEquity - Future-0.44 Cr0.29%
Bajaj Finance LtdEquity0.44 Cr0.29%
Future on Bajaj Auto LtdEquity - Future-0.36 Cr0.23%
Bajaj Auto LtdEquity0.36 Cr0.23%
Future on ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company LimitedEquity - Future-0.27 Cr0.18%
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company LimitedEquity0.27 Cr0.18%
Future on JSW Steel LtdEquity - Future-0.25 Cr0.17%
JSW Steel LtdEquity0.25 Cr0.17%
The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.Equity - Future-0.25 Cr0.16%
Indian Hotels Co LtdEquity0.25 Cr0.16%
Future on Hindustan Petroleum Corp LtdEquity - Future-0.2 Cr0.13%
Hindustan Petroleum Corp LtdEquity0.2 Cr0.13%
Future on Jindal Steel & Power LtdEquity - Future-0.2 Cr0.13%
Jindal Steel & Power LtdEquity0.2 Cr0.13%
Future on United Spirits LtdEquity - Future-0.18 Cr0.12%
United Spirits LtdEquity0.18 Cr0.12%
Future on Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail LtdEquity - Future-0.16 Cr0.11%
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail LtdEquity0.16 Cr0.11%
Future on ACC LtdEquity - Future-0.16 Cr0.10%
ACC LtdEquity0.16 Cr0.10%
Future on UPL LtdEquity - Future-0.15 Cr0.10%
UPL LtdEquity0.15 Cr0.10%
Future on Abbott India LtdEquity - Future-0.11 Cr0.07%
Abbott India LtdEquity0.11 Cr0.07%
Future on Marico LtdEquity - Future-0.07 Cr0.05%
Marico LtdEquity0.07 Cr0.05%

Allocation By Market Cap (Equity)

Large Cap Stocks


Mid Cap Stocks


Small Cap Stocks


Allocation By Credit Quality (Debt)


Other Allocation

Equity Sector

Debt & Others

SectorAmount sortHoldings sort
Financial Services24.51 Cr16.13%
Healthcare15.16 Cr9.98%
Industrials13.18 Cr8.67%
Consumer Cyclical12.75 Cr8.39%
Communication Services8.42 Cr5.54%
Basic Materials7.48 Cr4.92%
Consumer Defensive6.39 Cr4.21%
Energy5.82 Cr3.83%
Real Estate4.82 Cr3.18%
Technology3.11 Cr2.05%
Utilities1.72 Cr1.14%

Risk & Performance Ratios

Standard Deviation

This fund


Cat. avg.


Lower the better

Sharpe Ratio

This fund


Cat. avg.


Higher the better

Sortino Ratio

This fund


Cat. avg.


Higher the better

Fund Managers


Asit Bhandarkar

Since July 2014


Gurvinder Wasan

Since December 2022


Chaitanya Choksi

Since February 2011

Additional Scheme Detailsas of 31st May 2024

Expense Ratio
Exit Load
No Charges
Fund Size
₹152 Cr
01 Jan 2013
Lumpsum Minimum
Fund Status
Open Ended Investment Company
NIFTY 50 Arbitrage TR INR

Investment ObjectiveInvestment Objective

To seek to generate long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio primarily of Equity and Equity Related Securities. Scheme shall invest in Indian equities,foreign equities and related instruments and debt securities.

Tax Treatment

Withdrawal (irrespective of holding period)

Realised Gain (capital gains) are taxed at your marginal income tax rate

Note: Mutual funds are subject to capital gains taxation with surcharge and cess, based on prevailing income tax rules and investor income. Taxation applies to realised gains, not notional gains. Please consult your tax advisors to determine the implications or consequences of your investments in such securities.

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About the AMC

Total AUM

₹7,619 Cr


502, 5th Floor, A - Wing, Mumbai, 400 051

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Risk Level

Your principal amount will be at Low Risk

Low Risk
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The NAV of JM Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth, as of 11-Jul-2024, is ₹32.54.
The fund has generated 8.14% over the last 1 year and 6.02% over the last 3 years. However, this does not guarantee that the fund will perform similarly in the future.
The fund's allocation of assets is distributed as 0.00% in equities, 4.51% in bonds, and 95.47% in cash and cash equivalents.
The fund managers responsible for JM Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth are:-
  1. Asit Bhandarkar
  2. Gurvinder Wasan
  3. Chaitanya Choksi