Kindly take note that that certain unknown, unscrupulous persons have been trying to mislead the public by wrongfully claiming to be part of Dezerv by using our logo, SEBI registration numbers, and photographs of officials of Dezerv, on Telegram, WhatsApp channels, and websites, misleading the public by offering financial and other investment schemes and seeking money. These unknown persons have made fraudulent Bank account(s), WhatsApp channels, websites mentioned in Annexure A below (and there could be more), where forged and fabricated documents have been uploaded with the view to cheat the general public and to lure them to invest money, promising attractive returns.

The modus operandi is to showcase attractive returns in their online posts, attract the public and once you follow them, they communicate individually for transferring money to specified bank accounts through online mode and account transfers. They also lure customers into joining whatsapp and telegram channels, where they are met with admins who call out recommendations on stocks to carry out stocks pull up and dump.

Investors are advised to inform either us through the email or to the local police or to the cybercrime authority about such frauds immediately.

Please note that investment through Dezerv can be only carried out ONLY through our website ( or Dezerv Mobile App (PlayStore, iOS Store) or Wealth Monitor App (PlayStore, iOS Store) after carrying out complete KYC onboarding procedure, verification of bank account and using authenticated payment methods as available under client’s login.

We caution that no one should engage with such fraudulent online accounts and remit/transfer money to personal accounts of any person. Dezerv will not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss that the public may incur owing to transactions made with such unknown individuals and agencies making false claims.

We’ve already taken action against the impersonators. Your safety is our top priority. Please stay cautious and report any suspicious activity to us. We’re here to help. In case you come across any such fraudulent activity or have any queries, you may kindly contact us at

Dezerv Cyber Helpline:+912246180470
Helpline Email address:

Annexure A

6WhatsappFuture Academy
7WhatsappFuture Academy A
8WhatsappFuture Academy B
10CallsPhone Number+91-8977079393
11CallsPhone Number+91-8367514610
12CallsPhone Number+91-9063735424
13CallsPhone Number+91-9063795859
14CallsPhone Number+91-6302356972
15CallsPhone Number+91-8125231038
16CallsPhone Number+91-9037746932
17CallsPhone Number+91-9100041834
18CallsPhone Number+91-9542566924
19CallsPhone Number+91-8962776389
20CallsPhone Number+91-1204890383