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You get to own it up
High level of ownership in everything that you will do
Get a piece of the pie
An ESOP policy which puts you ahead
Dynamic work environment
We value open communication, feedback and above all a fresh way of looking at things
Be a part of our growth story
Join us in building the team that changes the way Indians invest
We will invest in you
And you will be a part of the team that changes the way Indians invest
Bring your authentic self to work
You join a diverse community of extremely talented professionals who know how to have fun
Our Values.
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Be Customer Focused
To build a customer-friendly business that focuses on addressing customer needs
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Challenge, Disagree, Commit
To challenge when you disagree on something for the right reasons, but always ensuring a positive outcome
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Aim for Better
To ensure we’re constantly improving and raising the bar, in everything that we do
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Build Valuable Relationships
To unlock the power of people, by people
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Have the Highest Integrity
To ensure every action taken is with the highest degree of honesty and strongest moral principles
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Be Frugal
To treat Dezerv.’s money like it’s your own and take all decisions with a sustainable outlook.
Milestones this past year.
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Incorporated Dezerv.
Our vision : Provide financial freedom for India’s future
May 21
Announced our $7M seed fundraise
Backed by India’s top investors to accelerate our vision
Sep 21
Launched our Invite-Only platform
Enabled us to provide a high quality experience for all members while ensuring we focus on our core values
Oct 21
3 Months since launch
Over one thousand 1-1 calls done with members and Rs 200 Crores invested
Jan 22
Building momentum
Over Rs 500 Crores invested by our members
Apr 22
More firepower with our series A
Announced our $21M series A fundraise
Aug 22
Grammar nazi. Dutiful husband. Favourite parent.
Sandeep Jethwani
Resident Numberphile. Lives to eat. Movie buff.
Vaibhav Porwal
Supercar addict and part-time racer. Slave to Nespresso.
Sahil Contractor
Our Vision Board.
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“Make investing simple and accessible to successful Indian professionals”
N Sripad Panyam
“We aim to master the fine balance between automation and the human touch and give our customers the experience they truly deserve”
Neil Mendonca
Customer Experience
“Have every team member be in a meaningful relationship with Dezerv that is fuelled by learning and fulfilment”
Suhail Vadgaokar
“Dezerv is building out India’s first end-to-end technology stack, built from the ground up for Wealth Management.”
Krishna B S
“Design experiences to build trust in every interaction and instill confidence by making things personal and transparent.”
Adil Siddiqui
“Our solution is focused on ownership of performance and superior client service to deliver substantial outcomes”
Chirag Gandhi
Stories from your future team.
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