Fund Overview

Fund Size

Fund Size

₹716 Cr

Expense Ratio

Expense Ratio





Minimum SIP

Minimum SIP


Exit Load

Exit Load

No Charges

Inception Date

Inception Date

24 Jun 2013

About this fund

360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth is a Dynamic Bond mutual fund schemes offered by 360 ONE Mutual Fund. This fund has been in existence for 10 years, 9 months and 24 days, having been launched on 24-Jun-13.
As of 16-Apr-24, it has a Net Asset Value (NAV) of ₹21.17, Assets Under Management (AUM) of 715.94 Crores, and an expense ratio of 0.27%.
  • 360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth has given a CAGR return of 7.19% since inception.
  • The fund's asset allocation comprises around 0.00% in equities, 90.77% in debts, and 8.97% in cash & cash equivalents.
  • You can start investing in 360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth with a SIP of ₹1000 or a Lumpsum investment of ₹10000.

Performance against Category Average

In this section, we compare the returns of the scheme with the category average over various periods. Periods for which the fund has outperformed its category average are marked in green, otherwise red.

1 Year


+5.51%(Cat. Avg.)

3 Years


+4.87%(Cat. Avg.)

5 Years


+5.80%(Cat. Avg.)

10 Years


+6.63%(Cat. Avg.)

Since Inception


--%(Cat. Avg.)

Portfolio Summaryas of 31st March 2024

Debt649.9 Cr90.77%
Others66.05 Cr9.23%

Top Holdings

All Holdings


Debt & Others

NameType sortAmount sortHoldings sort
7.26% Govt Stock 2032Bond - Gov't/Treasury96.02 Cr13.41%
6.54% Govt Stock 2032Bond - Gov't/Treasury43.55 Cr6.08%
7.41% Govt Stock 2036Bond - Gov't/Treasury41.01 Cr5.73%
Sikka Ports & Terminals LimitedBond - Corporate Bond39.18 Cr5.47%
Embassy Office Parks ReitBond - Asset Backed30.3 Cr4.23%
Jamnagar Utilities & Power Private LimitedBond - Corporate Bond29.02 Cr4.05%
TrepsCash - Repurchase Agreement25.66 Cr3.58%
LIC Housing Finance LimitedBond - Corporate Bond25.53 Cr3.57%
07.64 MP Sgs 2033Bond - Gov't/Treasury25.41 Cr3.55%
07.60 GJ Sgs 2035Bond - Gov't/Treasury25.38 Cr3.54%
7.26% Govt Stock 2033Bond - Gov't/Treasury25.28 Cr3.53%
Jamnagar Utilities And Power Private LimitedBond - Corporate Bond25.09 Cr3.50%
HDFC Bank LimitedBond - Corporate Bond25.07 Cr3.50%
7.1% Govt Stock 2029Bond - Gov't/Treasury25.05 Cr3.50%
LIC Housing Finance LimitedBond - Corporate Bond24.93 Cr3.48%
HDB Financial Services 8.04%Bond - Corporate Bond24.92 Cr3.48%
Muthoot Finance LimitedBond - Corporate Bond24.92 Cr3.48%
Grasim Industries Ltd.Cash - Commercial Paper24.66 Cr3.44%
Sundaram Finance LimitedBond - Corporate Bond20 Cr2.79%
07.71 GJ Sgs 2034Bond - Gov't/Treasury15.34 Cr2.14%
07.71 GJ Sgs 2033Bond - Gov't/Treasury15.3 Cr2.14%
Shriram Finance LimitedBond - Corporate Bond14.98 Cr2.09%
Net Receivables / (Payables)Cash13.88 Cr1.94%
7.74% MP Sdl 2043Bond - Gov't/Treasury10.33 Cr1.44%
07.74 MH Sgs 2033Bond - Gov't/Treasury10.22 Cr1.43%
7.38% Govt Stock 2027Bond - Gov't/Treasury10.09 Cr1.41%
07.66 GJ Sgs 2030Bond - Gov't/Treasury6.7 Cr0.94%
Mindspace Business Parks ReitBond - Asset Backed5.18 Cr0.72%
07.69 GJ Sdl 2027Bond - Gov't/Treasury5.05 Cr0.71%
7.18% Govt Stock 2033Bond - Gov't/Treasury5.04 Cr0.70%
Corporate Debt Market Development Fund #Mutual Fund - Open End1.85 Cr0.26%
Cholamandalam Investment And Fin. Co. LtdBond - Corporate Bond1 Cr0.14%

Allocation By Credit Quality (Debt)



Other Allocation

Equity Sector

Debt & Others

InstrumentsAmount sortHoldings sort
Bond - Gov't/Treasury359.77 Cr50.25%
Bond - Corporate Bond254.64 Cr35.57%
Bond - Asset Backed35.48 Cr4.96%
Cash - Repurchase Agreement25.66 Cr3.58%
Cash - Commercial Paper24.66 Cr3.44%
Cash13.88 Cr1.94%
Mutual Fund - Open End1.85 Cr0.26%

Risk & Performance Ratios

Standard Deviation

This fund


Cat. avg.


Lower the better

Sharpe Ratio

This fund


Cat. avg.


Higher the better

Sortino Ratio

This fund


Cat. avg.


Higher the better

Fund Managers

Milan Mody

Milan Mody

Since March 2021

Additional Scheme Detailsas of 31st March 2024

ISININF579M01266Expense Ratio0.27%Exit LoadNo ChargesFund Size₹716 CrAge24 Jun 2013Lumpsum Minimum₹10,000Fund StatusOpen Ended Investment CompanyBenchmarkCRISIL Dynamic Bond TR INR

Investment ObjectiveInvestment Objective

To seek to generate long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio primarily of Equity and Equity Related Securities. Scheme shall invest in Indian equities,foreign equities and related instruments and debt securities.

Tax Treatment

Withdrawal (irrespective of holding period)

Realised Gain (capital gains) are taxed at your marginal income tax rate

Note: Mutual funds are subject to capital gains taxation with surcharge and cess, based on prevailing income tax rules and investor income. Taxation applies to realised gains, not notional gains. Please consult your tax advisors to determine the implications or consequences of your investments in such securities.

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About the AMC

Total AUM

₹9,100 Cr


360 ONE Centre, 6th Floor, Kamala City, Senapati Bapat Marg, Mumbai, 400 013

Other Funds by 360 ONE Mutual Fund

Fund nameExpense RatioExit LoadFund size
360 ONE Balanced Hybrid Fund Direct Growth

High Risk

0.6%1.0%₹628.88 Cr-
360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth

Moderately High risk

0.3%0.0%₹715.94 Cr7.9%
360 ONE Flexicap Fund Direct Growth

Very High Risk

0.9%1.0%₹420.91 Cr-
360 ONE ELSS Nifty 50 Tax Saver Index Fd Direct Growth

Very High Risk

0.3%0.0%₹62.39 Cr25.0%
360 ONE Focused Equity Fund Direct Growth

Very High Risk

0.9%1.0%₹6794.35 Cr37.0%
360 ONE Liquid Fund Direct Growth

Low to Moderate Risk

0.2%0.0%₹813.96 Cr7.2%

Risk Level

Your principal amount will be at Moderately High risk

Moderately High risk
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The NAV of 360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth, as of 16-Apr-2024, is ₹21.17.
The fund has generated 7.90% over the last 1 year and 6.31% over the last 3 years. However, this does not guarantee that the fund will perform similarly in the future.
The fund's allocation of assets is distributed as 0.00% in equities, 90.77% in bonds, and 8.97% in cash and cash equivalents.
The fund managers responsible for 360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Growth are:-
  1. Milan Mody