Apurva Sharma


Fund Manager at Helios Mutual Fund

₹983 Cr




About Apurva Sharma

I like learning new things, and building projects that solve real-world problems. I'm skilled in C++, JavaScript (React-Typescript), and python. I intend to continue working on open source contributions while focusing on gaining more knowledge on system design and CS core concepts. - During my summer internship with Microsoft, I had the opportunity to work with the Fluent-UI open-source library, which allowed me to refine my skills and gain valuable experience. - I am currently working with Solesca, a pioneering early-stage startup that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry. In this role, I am learning React-Typescript and Redux and am responsible for handling the user interface frontend. This position provides me with an exciting opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of this innovative venture. - I have also worked as a technical writer for Scaler-Interviewbit, where I wrote articles on a diverse range of technical domains, including Data structures, Python, Data Science, and Network security. Through my work in this position, I was able to share my expertise and insights with a broader audience, while also refining my communication skills. Overall, my experience and expertise make me a versatile and adaptable professional who is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of technical challenges. I'm open to collaboration on projects and I love being part of communities that empower individuals to learn technology.


Software Engineer

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Junior Software Developer

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Software Engineer Intern

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MLH Pre-Fellow

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MLH Fellowship

Mentee Microsoft Engage'21

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Technical Writer Intern

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Vellore Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Computer Science.

New Era Progressive School , Class XII.