Anindya Sarkar


Fund Manager at Union Mutual Fund

₹793 Cr




About Anindya Sarkar

I have been part of the financial servicing space for more than a decade. During the last 12 years have worked with clients based in US, EMEA, ANZ and the India markets in both B2B as well B2C verticals and in roles ranging from operations mangement , consumer underwriting, corporate travel, dispute resolution, corporate client servicing and business analytics. I am extremely passionate about delivering extraordinary customer care. The intellectual creativity, number crunching and insight required to keep customers wowed, gives me a high. In my current profile i am responsible for the servicing of the American Express Corporate clients of the India market.

Funds managed by Anindya Sarkar

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NameExpense RatioExit LoadFund size
Union Fixed Maturity Plan 1114 Days Series 13 Direct Growth

Moderate Risk

Union Medium Duration Fund Direct Growth

Moderate Risk

0.68%1.00%₹226.81 Cr6.2%
Union Gilt Fund Direct Growth

Moderate Risk

0.72%-₹132.34 Cr6.6%
Union Corporate Bond Fund Direct Growth

Moderate Risk

0.37%1.00%₹411.46 Cr6.7%


Service Delivery Leader, Corporate Services, India Market

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American Express

Manager, Customer Service, Business Travel Account, JAPA, India, EMEA

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American Express

Manager Global Disputes Network

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American Express

Fraud Underwriter

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GE Capital


IHM, Kolkata, Hospitality Administration/Management.