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Everything you need to know
The objective of goal planning is to give you a structured way to invest for your future expenses. These could be one-time spends like a vacation or recurring ones like your home loan. Our aim at dezerv. is to help you build realistic, achievable investment plans so you can achieve your goal.

This plan invests your money in safe liquid mutual funds.

Liquid Funds, invest predominantly in highly liquid money market instruments and debt securities of very short tenure and hence provide high liquidity.

They are from highly trusted Asset management companies(AMCs) such as SBI and ICICI Prudential.

The investments are in your name and can always be accessed by you even if you no longer use dezerv. to plan your goals.

We charge no additional fee or service charges. Since these investments are in Regular plan, we earn a small commission directly from the asset management company, around ~0.1% per annum per year.

There are no charges for withdrawing your money before you reach your goal target.

Yes. At any point in time, your goal amount and monthly investments can be changed.

We recommend sticking to a realistic monthly amount to achieve your goal.

Your initial portfolio creation will take 2 business days to set up. Post this, you are free to withdraw your portfolio at any point in time. It will take 1 business day to credit this money to your bank account.

As the investment portfolio is a combinations of safe liquid funds, your money is not linked to market movements. The investments are categorised as “Very-low” risk as per AMFI.

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